00 – Introducing The Book


For those of you who are not familiar with my writings, I am a reformer within the Church of Scientology who is dedicated to making the technology broadly available and further extending the research into the human mind and spirit.

Since this puts me at odds with current management and CofS operating policies, and since they like to excommunicate and attack those who disagree with them, I post materials anonymously to the internet both to encourage reform and to work towards

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00 – Warnings And Advice


This is a “beta” release. It is based on a great deal of knowledge and experience and is expected to produce good results, but it is probably not perfect.

Read it, understand it, and try it, but don’t worship it.

And write up your experiences for others.

People are different. What is easy for one can be hard for another and vise versa. On the first pass through this book, some things will be too difficult and can be skipped. Other things may not run deeply enough

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01 – Beginning Steps



Rather than beginning with a lot of theory, we will start with some practical drills.

The ones given here are very easy, but they should be learned well because they are useful all the way up and they may be lifesavers at times when you are in trouble because they can help you throw off mental fogginess and overwhelm.

These are “processes” which means that they are actions that are to be repeated to a specified result.

There will be more theory on the subject of

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02 – Reach And Withdraw



Now we will move on to reaching and withdrawing from things rather than simply spotting them.

But first, this seems like a good time to introduce some more of the basics of processing.

One of the biggest problems with running a process is knowing how long to continue it.

If you do not run a process long enough, you not only miss out on the gains that could have been made, you can also get your attention stuck on something that is half complete. And some processes can stir

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03 – Thoughts, Emotions And Attitudes



Your thoughts, emotions, and attitudes are yours to command.

We often give control of these over to other people. It can be quite interesting and is a part of living life. But it is always within your power to take back control of these and think and feel what you wish regardless of the dictates of life, society, or physics.

Mastery over your own mind is a necessary step in your spiritual advancement. In this chapter we will take some beginning steps in

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04 – Subjective Processes



Up to this point, we have mainly worked with techniques that kept your attention focused externally. Even when dealing with “subjective” things such as emotions, we have used the trick of projecting them into external objects.

There is also a need to deal with subjective things directly. However, this tends to place one’s attention inward instead of outward. This presents no problem when working with a skilled practitioner. But you need to be aware

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05 – Study



Studying this book does, of course, require that you have some ability to study and learn things. If your abilities in this area can be improved, then you will have an easier time of it.

5.1 Misunderstood Words

If you are confused about what the words mean, then you will get confused about what is being said and have trouble understanding it. This is very simple.

So get some good dictionaries and learn to use them if you haven’t already done so.

You don’t have to get fanatical

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06 – Confronting The Past



Here we are going to be doing some more subjective processes and it seems like an appropriate time to mention some useful rules to follow.

Your processing will go much better if you have enough food and rest and can do the processes in a quiet and safe space with no distractions.

Avoid running subjective techniques when you are upset or disturbed unless the process is addressed directly to the upset itself. Objective techniques, such as those given in the first few chapters

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07 – Willingness And Accessibility



It would be too much to take all the buried reaches of the mind and open them up all at once. It would just be too overwhelming. And for this reason, the person keeps himself blocked because he knows that he would be smashed if he opened up the flood gates.

But people foolishly keep adding more and more layers of non-confronted things without ever retrieving anything from these hidden areas.

The simple solution is to release one thing at a time and gradually

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08 – Communication Barriers



Any flow which has any power or potential can build up pressure or mass or charge if it is blocked and bottled up.

One of the most intimate and important flows to a spiritual being is the free flow of communication.

When it is inhibited or enforced, it can lead to protests, upsets, problems, compulsive behavior, and other ills.

But at basic the communication barriers seem to be made by choice. In other words, the person himself decides to go out of communication.


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