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Today’s Moon Forecast

MOON FORECAST TODAY : Moon in Aries : Moon is traveling through Aries today. Time to begin new projects. Look out for new opportunities. Beware of impatience and selfishness.

Current star signLeo: The Lion is the sign in which today the Sun is travelling in the period of Jul 24 to Aug 23 - Leo: In Leo, the Sun is proud, outgoing, and playful. The Leo Sun is intensely individual—not content with simply being just one of the team. It's time to shine, add a touch of color and drama to our lives, and perform. Like the flowers and fruit of the season--blossoming and ripened--this is a time when we want to enjoy ourselves and express ourselves. We are more generous and grand in our gestures and attitudes. On the shadow side, we can also be self-centered and vain.